BAILEY, Colo. – A small town in Colorado is making business out of Bigfoot.

Bailey is located in Park County, about two hours from Colorado Springs. It’s become a hot spot for Bigfoot sightings and is home to The Sasquatch Outpost, which offers all things squatchy.

Jim and Daphne Myers co-own the store and sell all kinds of Bigfoot merchandise as well as offer evidence of their existence.

“He put this map on the wall and people just started coming in and they wanted to tell us their sightings and their stories,” said Daphne.

Daphne wasn’t always a believer, and said she originally was just humoring her husband. But that eventually changed.

“As these people started coming in and telling their stories, I had to say ‘wow, you really did see this two-legged hairy creature and you’re not making this up.’ So I became a believer myself,” she said.

The back of The Sasquatch Outpost has now become a Bigfoot Museum and a place to let your imagination run wild.

But if the stories and evidence in the museum aren’t enough to convince you, you can sign up for one of their Squatching adventures or brave the woods by yourself to search for your own evidence.

FOX21’s Abbie Burke and Ray Harless went out with the Myers in search of Bigfoot, but were unsuccessful.

However, just months before, Kevin Lynn said he had an encounter nearby.

Lynn and a friend went searching for Sasquatch in late July along the Colorado Trail in the Lost Creek Wilderness Area.

“It started to get dark and we decided we needed to find a flat place to set up camp and also get a fire going,” said Lynn.

“We did some calls and some tree knocks at night and after about 11 p.m. we kind of settled in and called it a night. Probably two or three in the morning we heard loud tree knocks and whooping or calling, from some sort of creature or more than one. We heard it from behind our tent as well as out in front of our tent. The only thing we figured is that they were calling between each other and they knew we were there. We actually got to the point where we couldn’t go back to sleep because it happened for several hours.”

No one has officially been able to prove Bigfoot’s existence, but those who believe say a mind can be changed in an instant.

“It only takes one sighting and you’re an instant believer,” said Daphne.

About one third of all Bigfoot reports are located in the Pacific Northwest, but there have been dozens in Colorado, including some in El Paso County, as well as on Pikes Peak.