Thousands expected to flood into White City for Independence Day Celebration


The 4th of July is over but the Independence Day celebrations are far from over. White City has a population of less than 600 people, but once a year that number sky rockets.

Around three thousand people are expected to flood into Centennial Park in White City Saturday for the annual Independence Day Celebration. The event includes a softball tournament, a 5K race, a parade, turtle races and so much more.

The day culminates in a grand fireworks display in the park. The all-volunteer pyro crew puts in countless hours each year to make sure the show goes on without a hitch.

“It takes a big crew, a good family, we call it our pyro family,” said Joel Kahn. “We get together every year about this time and a lot of hours, loading racks, loading shells, working together.”

Kahn has worked on the show for more than a decade. He began volunteering with his father and now that he’s passed they pyro crew uses his shop to build racks and other things needed for the show.

The show brings people from across the state and it serves as a source of great pride for the community. The event starts with a softball tournament Friday and a 5K race Saturday morning. The full schedule of events is listed below.

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