Tips to stay warm when the temperatures drop


If you’ve cranked up the thermostat and are still feeling cold, KSNT News has a few tricks for you. 

Westar Energy recommends cooking using your oven so that the heat from your appliance warms up the house.

They also recommend letting the sunlight in, and closing the blinds when it’s cloudy outside to keep the warmth in. 

It’s also a good idea to turn down the thermostat at night to save money on your bill. 

“This is a good time to clean your furnace filter, ” said Gina Penzig, Media Communications Manager at Westar Energy. “Switch out to a new filter and that helps ensure that your furnace is running efficiently and a related tip would be to make sure you don’t have furniture blocking your heating vents.” 

Westar also said using a space heater daily can add almost $100 to your monthly bill. 


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