Title Town: The culture behind Sabetha’s back-to-back state titles in three sports


“It’s something you always dream of as a kid, but to win four of them? That’s just crazy,” Sabetha senior Joseph Gruber said. 

That’s just football and baseball, Sabetha has six 3A state titles over the last two years, those sports as well as golf have gone back-to-back. These types of things don’t just happen on accident. 

All the programs buy into the team concept, and all the kids are real responsive to that, and they don’t know any different. That’s just kind of what they’ve grown up with, the community is fantastic, just a real positive atmosphere,” head baseball coach Aaron Frey said.  

It might just be something in the water in Sabetha, but they all seem to share the same positive and confident attitude. Any blue jay team that competes has a certain swagger to them.

“We go into every game knowing we’re going to win, if you have any doubt, that’s when you’re going to lose. You gotta always know that you’re going to win, and that’s what we try to do so,” junior Gabe Garber said. 

And that’s exactly what they have done for years, but they couldn’t have done it without the community support

“I don’t think people understand how special it is to grow up in a community as loving and caring as this town, it’s crazy. i still have people today, and Gabe can vouch for this, that come up to me while I’m randomly walking down the street of in a store in something, and they’ll say congrats on the championship or were proud of you, it means more to me than people think,” Gruber said.  

To win one state title in one sport is huge, but to do what they’ve done? That’s something they town will remember forever. 

“The kids just really responded, i can’t say that enough, and I told them after the state championship game that I don’t want you to ever think that this was easy, you guys have just accomplished one the hardest things, well the hardest thing in high school sports to do, and they’ve had nothing but success the last couple of years. So take some time and enjoy it and appreciate it,” coach Frey added. 

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