Toddler wandered through traffic in dirty diaper while parents were passed out on drugs, police say

volusia parents

A Florida toddler could have been killed before he was found wandering in traffic on a busy highway in Oak Hill, officials said. 

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office responded to U.S. Highway 1 after witnesses spotted the boy in the middle of traffic and moved him to the side of the road. The motorist reportedly stopped her car in the road to prevent the child from being hit and guarded the boy as he walked around the front of her car.

The driver was helped by a mail carrier, and they both said they noticed the child’s diaper was “extremely” soiled and his arms and legs were covered in bug bites, according to officials. 

Deputies said the child lives in a nearby trailer park and they recognized him from previous child neglect cases involving his mother, Yajaira Tirado. 

When deputies visited their home, no one answered the door. Deputies were able to enter the home and found Tirado and her boyfriend, Jacob Krueger, unresponsive in bed. Deputies said the house was unkempt and smelled of feces.

Deputies said the couple woke up a short time later and blamed the landlord for the trailer’s poor condition. They also said the toddler was able to fend for himself. 

Tirado and Krueger have been arrested for child neglect. 

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