A cat for Christmas? Why you should paws before gifting a pet this holiday

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – While getting Grandpa a dog for Christmas might sound like a good idea, gifting a pet doesn’t always work like it does in the movies.

While the holiday season is a good time to adopt with the extra free time and staying indoors, there are a couple problems with adopting at this time of year.

Helping Hands Humane Society says they had 24 formerly adopted animals returned to the shelter in January of 2021. When families rush to adopt an animal for the big day, they often don’t take into account how much of a long term commitment the animal will be.

In some instances, they’ll adopt without bonding with the animal or consider how the pet will fit into their home.

Helping Hands has a better method you may want to try instead.

“You know, maybe you have Grandma saying for the longest time that she wants a cat,” Director of Business Development at Helping Hands Humane Society Grace Clinton said. “Instead of coming here and picking up a cat for her and then showing up on Christmas with it, what we try to encourage people is why don’t you get your loved one a bowl, food dish, water dish, a bed, a collar, get them everything they need – wrap that up on Christmas so they open it they have everything they need. Then come here with them, let them pick out the animal they want and then sponsor the adoption fee for them.”

If you’re still wanting a new furry friend before 2022, the Humane Society will be back open after Christmas through New Years Eve.  

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