READING (KSNT) – A vandalism incident is creating a lot of headaches for people living in and around Reading, Kansas. That’s not because of the damage that needs cleaned up, but because of the long term implications that could come from it.

Reading’s downtown consists of a café, a Church, a bank, the Fire Department, and the Post Office. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

The community is proud of it’s small town heritage – but when crime happens it can leave residents without resources they need.

On Monday, someone vandalized the lobby area of the Post Office, where individual mail boxes, posters, and package boxes are located.

“Whoever went in pulled the boxes and things off the wall display, scattered them around, left some other trash – basic vandalism kind of thing in that lobby area,” Mayor of Reading Malonne Davies said.

Basic vandalism, with a big impact for people trying to send or receive mail.

“Difficulty now may be if they won’t allow the lobby to stay open, then people are going to have a very limited time to go in and purchase stamps or mail packages or pick up their daily mail,” Davies said. “There are some who are a little anxious that their home or their property may be vandalized. Having a solution, a closure to this would give them peace of mind.”

The next closest Post Office is about 20 miles away. So there isn’t a convenient alternative to the Reading Post Office.

“For some of the people who particularly in winter weather, don’t get out much – we have older members of the community who might not be able to do that,” Davies said.

The Mayor and local law enforcement are asking anyone who has information about the incident to report it to the Lyon County Crime Stoppers. You can reach them at 620-342-2273.