Bucket by bucket, big play after big play, Peyton Williams etched her name in the history books at k-state over the last four years as not many people have before. A two sport athlete, , an academic all american with a double major, all big 12 in both sports, a Team USA basketball player, and selfless to top it off.

“There’s a lot that I’m proud of I guess, but it’s been hard because I’m such a team oriented person,” Williams said.

Knowing that, it’s wild to hear college athletics wasn’t always the clear path for Williams.

“I loved watching college, never made the connection for me and so it became a reality kind of late I guess in my high school career that I was like … Oh man I could probably get a scholarship for this.”

Williams success when in college may have never reached these levels if it weren’t for a little family advice and some self-reflection

“The fire and the passion was something I had to learn over time because I’m not naturally like super in your face like clapping at people, I’m not like that.I had to learn how to do that over college because my coaches and my family were like you play a lot better when you’re madwhen you’re mad and invested which makes a lot of sense”

The investment has obviously paid off, but the Topek native has always had plans bigger than basketball just in case.

“When I was a freshman, I couldn’t wait to do something else”

Williams is the definition of more than an athlete and is using her skill on the court to train her for much larger things off it.

“Basketball pairs well with any international scene that’s happening.

Williams plans on using her degree to help causes she cares and it’s common for WNBA players to compete in international leagues in the offseason, which presents a unique opportunity.

“Where ever I end up playing just to really dive in and learn about that place because that’s what I’ve always wanted to do is learn about culutre and the people that inhabit that place where you get to visit as a tourist or a professional athlete.

From the paint to diplomatic policies, Williams will continue to make her presence known just like she has the last few years in Manhattan.