Allergies peak before first day of fall

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The first day of fall has arrived, and with it comes allergy season.

Allergist Roxana Voica, who works at the Topeka Allergy and Asthma Clinic said we are actually behind on preparing for fall allergies.

“Fall allergy season started almost a month ago,” Voica said. “So we have been through the peak of allergy season.”

It might not feel like it but the season of runny noses is already here. In fact, it’s been here since Labor Day. With the past rainy and humid weather, means pollen is on the way.

“Sometimes when we have a very dry spring, the fall allergy season is less prominent than when we have rain in the spring,” Voica said. “We see more pollen in the air during the fall.”

It’s not too late to get relief, as Roxana said there are multiple ways to fight the allergies.

She said staying indoors during the high pollen counts can help, as well as getting tested for what you’re allergic to.

“As board-certified allergists, we can actually test the patient and test what they are allergic to,” Voica said.

Shopping for the right over the counter medication can help also, but avoid ingredients that aren’t necessary and may cause problems.

“Taking Sudafed can increase blood pressure, increase heart rate,” said Stormont Vail Pharmacist Nick Schulte. “You don’t want to do that unless you actually need to.”

When looking for fast relief, it is not always the priciest brand that will fix your Fall allergies.

“Grab the actual name brand bottle, flip it around and look at the generic ingredient,” Schulte said. “Then, find something that would be comparable with the same medication and dose in it.​”

One of the products both experts recommend was nasal spray for runny noses, but they said, as with all allergy medications, they should be used in moderation so you don’t become dependent.

The allergists suggest paying close attention to your allergy systems; if you have them around the same time each year they might be seasonal.

But if it happens more often, you may want to get tested for what you’re allergic to.

Tuesday morning on KSNT at 6:00 a.m., there will be a live panel with more information on allergies. You can send your questions to our Facebook page.

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