TOPEKA (KSNT) – Following multiple CBD shops having their THC products raided, one organization is looking into legal action to get their products back.

“It is very much a health and wellness product,” CBD American Shaman Founder and CEO Vince Sanders said. “Unfortunately I think law enforcement looks at a product like this strictly as recreational. That’s just not the truth, the vast majority of people using it are using it for a host of conditions.” 

HHC comes from the same species of plant as marijuana but is legal in Kansas. Like its illegal counterpart, it can help with pain management and relaxation.

HHC products remain at the stores raided, even though THC products are gone. Despite still having products to sell, the business is frustrated that so many of its goods have been taken.

The company is looking into legal action if they don’t get the THC products back by the week’s end.

“These are independently owned small businesses, it’s a significant amount of money,” Sanders said. “Not only is it a significant amount of money that they’ve lost from their inventory, but thousands of dollars in sales and profits that they haven’t been able to make. It’s a pretty sad situation.” 

“You don’t just arbitrarily take a product claiming its illegal with zero proof,” Sanders said. “We’ve given them until the end of the week to return the products, anything that is not returned we will be filing a federal suit in Topeka.” 

Challenging an Attorney General’s legal guidelines is nothing new for the company. The lawyer representing American Shaman tells 27 News they’ve had similar situations in the past with multiple sates.