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Dear Kim,

I need some advice please.  I would love to start a small business in the area.  I’m thinking about a real bakery.  I want to bake fresh bread, cakes, cookies and other sweet treats.  You know, made from scratch rather than using the mixes the big box stores use.  I do have commercial baking experience, but no clue how to turn my own bakery into a reality.  Where do I go to get reliable business advice?



Dear Alisha,

OMGoodness, I can smell the wonderful aromas already.  For my sake, please give it a Parisian flair.  Nothing is more intoxicating than strolling into a patisserie in France to be surrounded by all the beautiful breads and sweets.  We could use that in Topeka!

Seriously though, many great entrepreneurs have been able to take their dreams and turn them into reality.  You just need that entrepreneurial spirit and the willingness to forge ahead.  The possibility for sound business advice is abundant.  Regardless of what size bakery you plan on opening, one of your first stops should be on the Kansas Business Center’s website.  This site can direct you through all of the necessary steps to open a business in the state.  You’ll get information on Planning, Registering and Operating your business.  They can even hook you up with people to help mentor and guide you through the start-up process. 

If you have a relationship with a local bank, they can be an excellent resource to help you get your business off the ground.  Will you need a business loan?  Be prepared to provide the bank with all your financial information, business plan, and forecast.  The Small Business Administration was created to help people start their own businesses.  Another excellent source of funding and resources that should not be overlooked. 

Last but not least, when you find yourself growing – Shark Tank can help take you global if your product is great!  They typically don’t do start-ups, but after you get some sales under your belt, might be a great option.  Good luck.

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