Ask Kim – February 19

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Dear Kim,

I’m feeling some attraction to my wife’s best friend.  Her actions indicate she is feeling the same towards me.  Neither of us has acted on the attraction yet.  What should I do?



Dear James,

Are you out of your mind?!  Your wife’s best friend?!  How cliché.

Seriously though, if you are truly thinking about giving this a go, you had better examine your marital relationship.  I understand different strokes for different folks, however it doesn’t seem you have an open relationship with your spouse. 

What I find most troubling is how some people consider their relationship to be disposable.  Unless you’re willing to divorce your spouse (on the possibility of hooching it up with her best friend), you should keep it in your pants.  If other things are missing in your relationship, how about talking to your partner?  You made promises.  Keep them.

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