Ask Kim – February 21

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I have a friend that always has to one-up me.  No matter the subject, she always has a better story, or whatever happened was worse for her.  She even goes as far as to correct me if she believes I’ve gotten a fact wrong.  She doesn’t do this much when we’re alone, usually when we’re in a group.  It’s really starting to upset me.  I like her, but I’m not sure I like her enough to keep being bested at every turn.  What should I do?



Dear Amanda,

Wow, what a great friend!  I’m not sure why people have to tear others down to lift themselves up.  I do know that it can be annoying to have a know-it-all in the group.

Seriously though, how did you two happen to become friends in the first place?  She must possess qualities that you enjoy if you continue to spend time with her.  If this a new behavior for her, has something happened that has damaged her self-esteem or has she always acted this way?  You really have two choices, you can talk with her about the behavior.  Letting her know that it’s starting to upset you.  Keep in mind, talking with her about this may cause her to distance herself from you, which is choice number two.  Good luck.

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