Ask Kim – February 6

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I think I am pregnant and my parents are gonna kill me what should I do?


Dear Anon,

Evidently you only want to act like an adult when it comes to having sex.  You made a conscious decision to grow up, so now’s the time.  Put your big girl pants (back) on and tell the parental units.  The sooner the better.

Seriously though, as you prepare to talk with your parents, think about their reaction.  Although a wide range of emotions can present themselves, most parents want to be supportive.  Tell your parents how you feel.  Be honest and speak from the heart.  Try to understand their feelings too.  This is big news.  You have some important decisions to make.  Talking about these decisions with everyone concerned can help.  This needs to be what you want.

My sister won’t listen to me and she blames everyone else.  How can I have a serious conversation with someone who won’t listen?

Joan G.


Dear Joan,

I need more information here.  Your sister won’t listen to you.  About what?  Who is she blaming, and what is she blaming them for?  Are you both adults?   My final question – why won’t she listen? 

Seriously though, she will listen when she decides it’s important.  Whether you’re giving her unsolicited advice, or asking to borrow her favorite jeans, approach is everything.  Set a good example through your words and actions.  Give her space to learn on her own.  Life is a wonderful teacher.  When you do talk with her, try explaining you care about her.  Perhaps she will let you enter her world.  Until then, you can’t have a serious conversation if someone chooses not to participate.  All you can do is love her and keep trying.

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