Ask Kim – March 12

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Dear Kim,

I’m not trying to be mean, but I have a friend who is on the unattractive side.  She doesn’t get asked out ever.  I’m sure this makes her unhappy.  When she’s with the girls, she talks about wanting a guy in her life.  When other girls are being bought drinks and getting asked to dance, guys don’t approach her.  How can I help her?



Dear Linda,

I get the impression between the two of you, you believe you’re the attractive one?  How narcissistic-ly classy of you.   Sorry, but this sounds mean to me.

Seriously though, if your intentions are pure, you’ll help your girlfriend see her self-worth.  You can do that by helping her expand her social circle, finding joy in her life and discovering that she truly is a beautiful soul worthy of love.  I don’t think she needs to change, maybe you do. 

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