Ask Kim – March 25

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Dear Kim,

I have 6-year-old boy and my husband wants to put him tee-ball this summer.  I’m worried because he doesn’t seem particularly athletic and I don’t want him to get hurt.  Should I let him play?



Dear Amber,

Oh, the joys of summertime sports.  I can’t begin to count the number of hours I have spent on the bleachers at a baseball diamond.  There is some risk, both to player and spectator.  Foul balls, thrown bats, hard dirt and broken windows.  That’s usually before you ever hit the ball diamond!

Seriously though, as a mom I understand wanting to keep your adorable little boy safe.  The first question that needs to be answered is does your son “want” to play?  If he does, then the answer is yes!  The sooner the better. He can grow and develop as the team grows and develops.  Now, how do you reduce that risk?  Practice.  You and dad need to spend time practicing with the kiddo, helping him learn the fundamentals of the game.  From catching and throwing a baseball to learning how to hold and swing a bat.  Then, one of the most important parts – knowing which base to run to when he hits the ball. The lessons learned in a team sport are some of life’s most valuable. 

The only sports I really cared about were the ones my kids were participating in at the time.  Put my kid on a field, and I’m there.  My kid not on the field, neither was I.  I was/am their biggest fan.  I think they enjoyed that part of it too.

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