Ask Kim – March 26

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Dear Kim,

I’m trying to get motivated to tackle spring cleaning at home.  It is such a huge chore.  Looking for advice on how or where to start!



Dear Debbie,

I have spent the past two weekends tackling my kitchen cabinets.  It is a HUGE chore and motivation is truly the key.  I had to do some soul searching before I was able to dig in.  I prefer to spend weekends relaxing, not cleaning.

Seriously though, I decided to choose the path of least resistance.  For me, that was the kitchen cabinets.  The satisfaction of opening a cabinet door and having everything clean and organized gave me the boost I needed to continue.   One cabinet lead to another.  Choose a spot where you can see your progress and enjoy your success right away.  The most important thing to remember it doesn’t all have to be done at once.  Baby steps and you’ll get there!

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