Ask Kim – March 28

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Dear Kim,

I need your advice.  With severe weather season approaching, how do I impress upon my husband to seek appropriate shelter.  I’m not from Kansas and I think tornadoes are terrifying.  He truly is just like all the Kansan memes circulating Facebook.  He likes to stand outside and watch storms roll in and start blowing stuff around.  Meanwhile, I’m hunkered down in the basement, scared that when it’s over I won’t be able to find him.  How can I possibly convince him to take this stuff seriously?



Dear Erica,

Oh boy, this is a problem for lots of people in the Midwest.  Tornado watches and warnings happen so frequently in our area, too many people take their safety for granted.  While not limited to Kansas men, there are plenty of women who like to stand outside too maybe even doing a Facebook live shot. 

Seriously though, you are right on the money.  Kansas storms should not be taken lightly.  We don’t get to have Wizard of Oz endings.  I’m certain you both have seen weather footage where whole towns are devastated by these storms.  When a tornado is close, the most prudent thing anyone can do is seek shelter.  We are so fortunate that most of these storms are predictable.  We typically get the appropriate notifications and warnings, unlike the unexpected natural disasters.  Watches and warnings are provided to protect lives.  This great quote on the web says, “Unfortunately, if safety is a joke, death can be the punchline.”  This is serious stuff!

My best advice you are not going to convince him to take severe weather more seriously.  The only thing you can do is appeal to his sense of caring about you!  Let him know you’re scared and that you need him with you.  He is after all, your husband and protector.  I would reframe the conversation so it’s about you “needing” him vs. he’s crazy for standing on the porch in a storm.  Most people are happy to concede because we’re needed.  Give it a shot.  Either way, take shelter girl.  This is Kansas after all.

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