Ask Kim – March 6

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Dear Kim,

A coworker and I carpool to work.  We live in a small town outside of Emporia and made this arrangement a couple of years ago.  We are supposed to trade alternate weeks of driving.  I drive one week, he drives the next.  It was a way for us to share the expense of the daily commute.  It seems that over the past couple of months, I’m doing all the driving.  Something is always wrong his car.  He always has an excuse of some kind when he calls to tell me he can’t drive this week.  The “share the expense” concept seems to have escaped him.  Now I’m footing the entire bill and giving him a ride to boot.  What should I do?



Dear Steve,

Oh boy, car trouble.  The reality, unfortunately, is a car can be a major pain in the pants.  Old cars, new cars, none of them are immune from the occasional mechanical failure.  Seems like that stupid check engine light is always on in my car.  It is frustrating.

Seriously though, this coworker knows the deal.  You’ve been doing this for a couple of years.  Now for the last two months you’ve done all the driving.  I’d nail down exactly how long his car is going to be out of service.  What the heck is wrong with it?  Does it need a new motor!?  That’s a long time to be not running.  I’d let him know when it’s back on the road, he can do the driving for the same amount of time you’ve been on the hook.  If you don’t think he’s going to get the car fixed, you have a couple of options.  You can either start charging him to take him to and from work every day or, let him know you’re going to have to find a carpooler that can truly share the drive.  He should have been offering to help with expenses anyway since you seem to be his only way to and from work.  He needs to pay up or get out.  Good luck.

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