Book Review: Dark Gold, by Christine Feehan (Dark Series, Book 3)

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Holy hot Carpathians!  This is my favorite out of the series so far!  As the title suggests, our lead Carpathian for this story is Aidan Savage, a beautiful golden-haired Carpathian too comfortable with his dark side.  If you’ve read this series at all, you know that Carpathians are NOT vampires, but rather will turn to a vampire if they don’t meet their lifemate.  Unfortunately, for the race the lifemates are hard to find and female Carpathians haven’t been born in over 200 years.  So what would you do in this situation?  Of course you’d branch out and find some very sexy psychically enhanced female humans!  In this case, Aidan doesn’t so much as find her (one heart-stopping beauty, Alexandrea Houton), but tries to kill her believing she’s become a vampires, changed into evil itself.  But just before he drains her life blood, his senses kick in and he recognizes her as his lifemate.

Sounds like love will conquer all?  Well our Alexandra doesn’t exactly agree.  Doesn’t believe vampires exist and is really out-of-control angry about her sudden loss of freedom (aka, no sunlight, no leaving her hot lifemate’s side, drinking blood…you get the picture).  Add in that she’s the sole guardian of her adorable six-year old brother and an independent streak a mile wide, and you have quite a mix of violence and passion.  Oh let’s not forget that vampires (Carpathians turned evil) are trying to get to her and keep them for themselves as well as a rather idiotic, arrogant human boss who thinks he should have her!  Definitely makes for a mix of intrigue and danger at every turn.

So yeah, that’s basically the basis for each of these books.  Hot Carpathian ready to walk into the sun or turn evil in fear they will never find their life mate.  Some poor beautiful independent woman showing up at just the right time.  Incredible combustible chemistry with a mix of no way am I becoming a creature of the night and drinking blood.  But wait.  I love him and he loves me.  I guess a little blood won’t hurt.  Oh no!  Bad guys.  Oh whew!  My big Carpathian hunk is the most ferocious beast (or wolf, owl, whatever they decide to shape shift into)!  He’ll save me.  But I’m pretty independent, so I’ll save him too.  And viola!  I’m now a very satisfied submissive who pushes to get my way every once in a while and teach him to be a little less beat his chest ape.  I’m actually a little surprised that isn’t one of the shape shifter used.

But honestly, I love these books even though I know the direction they are going each time.  There’s something comforting in it.  The first two books were very dark, incredibly dark.  But this one had a lot of humor and pranks involved.  It really feels like the author is getting more playful.  More characters are being introduced.  There are a lot of lonely bachelor Carpathians out there just waiting for me…uh I mean those psychically enhanced beauties….  Can’t wait until book 4!

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December 31 2021 11:59 pm