TOPEKA (KSNT) – A busy weekend across the state, as organizers and candidates alike make their final push to voters.

27 News met with canvassers in Topeka and Overland Park, to see how they’re raising awareness heading into Tuesday’s election.

Connie Burns is running in the upcoming primary for house district 53. She’s been reaching out to those in her district directly, going door to door for weeks now.

“To me, you have to touch the voter at least once, either through mail or through door to door,” Burns said. “Just putting out signs, how do you know what they stand for without talking to them, or if you have a question you want to respond to them.” 

Going door to door in the nearly 100 degree heat hasn’t been easy, but connecting with people and raising awareness for the upcoming primary makes it all worth it.

“This is no longer driven by political sides,” Alexa Cioffi-abt said. “We are out here talking to republicans, talking to democrats, unaffiliated and independents. It’s made for interesting conversations, because they don’t know how I vote and I don’t really know how they vote. I would prefer to keep it that way, and talk about all sides.” 

Cioffi-abt, along with Sonja Kudulas, spent their Sunday canvassing for Kansans for Constitutional Freedom. The organization held events throughout the weekend all over the state, with canvassing and phone banking taking place from Kansas City to Wichita.

For canvassers, helping those in the local areas understand what will be on their ballots is a critical step towards serving their community.

“People aren’t always aware what our leaders are saying that they want for the next steps,” Kudulas said. “So if you’re not keeping up on that you might not realize the impacts of a vote yes or a vote no on this bill.”

No matter what side of the aisle you align with, those canvasing can all agree – the importance of casting your ballot this Tuesday cannot be overstated.

“We have several issues that are so important,” Burns said. “Votes count. They really do. Just get out there and vote.”