Championship Mentality: How the Seaman Lady Vikes’ quest for glory wasn’t stopped by the end of state basketball

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After losing to Topeka high early in the season the Seaman High Lady Vikes decided they wouldn’t take another loss, and they knew they had the team to accomplish that and more. So focused on winning, they even practiced cutting down nets.

“They’re a confident bunch,” coach Matt Tinsley said,” Over Thanksgiving break, we even practiced cutting down the nets.”

They share a bond that isn’t common in high school athletics.

“Being with them all the time is something so special and it’s something I’m going to miss for the rest of my life,” junior Camryn Turner said.

Some of the seniors had played together since middle school and had worked tirelessly for one thing, once they took home the substate plaque, it was in reach.

“This has been our goal since 7th grade to win a state championship.”

But it would. be there last time playing this year. A unique last time on the court, unpredictable. The Kansas state basketball tournament was canceled at halftime of their game, of course, the lady vikes played the second half, but they didn’t know it would be their last game of the year no matter what.

They won the game and celebrated accordingly. From the floor to the locker room, until coach came in and broke the news.

“We ere all so crazy so hype until like two minutes later he came in and we’re like Tinsley are you joking? Like why are you being so serious,” Turner said.

“I just remember him telling us like life isn’t fair, he’s like I know nothing I say right now will make this any easier and he wanted us calm down and face the crowd,” Carter said.

Tears were shed, but a choice was made it was time to do what they’d practiced, cut down the nets, that’s what you do when you go undefeated in the state tournament.

“That wasn’t even a doubt you know the girls they earned that special moment to be able to do that, after substate championship, we didn’t do it! And that’s a moment that they’ll cherish forever, trophies collect dust but the memories that we made this season will be forever in our memory,” smiled coach Tinsley.

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