City of Topeka adding 4 new trucks for snow, ice removal

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– The City of Topeka is rolling out some new equipment to make snow and ice removal easier, and more efficient.

One thing that’s different about the new trucks is they have the normal plow in the front, and an extra snow plow added to the side.

The city now has four of these trucks. The trucks aren’t only helpful for clearing more snow at a time, but it will help the city pre-treat roads better.

The trucks can now use 1,800 gallons for pretreatment. Before, the older trucks could only hold 500 gallons.

“With that, I think we will be doing a lot better,” Tony Trower said, with the City of Topeka. “We’ll be working a lot faster, a lot more productive, and getting stuff cleaned up.”

“We’re hoping that we’ll have more trucks available to fight the snowstorm,” Jaci Vogel said, with the City of Topeka. “So as many trucks as we can have available, we want to have, to attack the storm.”

The older trucks are not going away. Those will remain in use this winter. The newer ones will be added with the others, making it a total of 17 trucks for snow removal.

The city also wants to remind people of the snow removal process.

Snow will be removed by priority. Main streets and emergency routes are first, once there are 2 inches of snow.

Collector roads are the second priority once there are 4 inches.

Neighborhood streets will be cleared when there are 6 inches of snow.

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