City plans for new signage, estimated to cost nearly $1 million

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The City of Topeka is revamping one area of the city that has been the same for over a decade, its signage.

The motive is to show people from out of town where they need to go and to improve the economy by directing people to several different parts of town.

This fall, new signs will be popping up all over Topeka, replacing the old ones that were installed over 10 years ago that are weathered and falling apart.

“This is a very robust sign system, it’s not made of the same material the previous system was,” said Keith Duncan, project engineer. “It’s an all-metal system.”

The system is sturdy, but sturdiness comes at a cost.

The new signs come with almost a $1 million price tag, of which some of the money will come from the City budget. The rest will come from the Kansas Department of Transportation.

One of the designers, Todd Mayfild, of the new signs said this will actually help bring some of this money back.

“People know where they can go, they can spend their money, they might discover places they normally wouldn’t have seen or notice until they see it on a sign,” Mayfild said.

The new design is taking a simpler approach to make them easier to read at a glance with colors that are part of Topeka’s new color scheme.

Some Topekans are already sold on the idea.

“I think it’s great because the signs that we currently have look,” said Topeka resident, Stephanie Munoz-O’Neil. “They’re peeling, and they need to be replaced.”

“I actually prefer the new ones,” said Topeka resident, Lauren Meyers. “I think they are a lot more direct. It doesn’t have the extra visuals on there so the people that aren’t from here will just get where they need to go.”

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