EMPORIA, KAN. (KSNT) – Every year around this time, Emporia holds the Glass Blown Open, which is the biggest disc golf tournament in the world. That’s not happening this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the sport is still thriving. While most businesses are feeling the sting right now, Dynamic Discs in Emporia is seeing growth as its shifted its sales exclusively online.

“Some people are saying that disc golf is pandemic proof or that it’s recession proof,” Dynamic Discs founder and owner Jeremy Rusco tells KSNT News. “Our website and our online sales are two to three to four times what they’ve been in previous years and the exciting thing about that is that a lot of it is disc golf starter sets and entry level disc golf equipment.”

One of the reasons for the growth is because the sport still allows you to practice social distancing.

“It’s one of the few things that we can do right now and that’s why disc golf appears to be growing at such a rapid pace right now with new players and of course it’s whenever you’re ready to get out there and play,” Rusco added.

“Stay far away from your groups, you don’t even have to touch the basket, you can throw it to the pole and pick up,” says world champion disc golf professional Paige Shue.

Disc golf also is a sport that’s easier to pick up without a steep learning curve.

“Most people have picked up and played a regular frisbee back and forth with their friends, so the transition into disc golf is pretty easy,” says Shue. “Most people know how to throw, just the discs are a little smaller, a little more dense, and that’s it, so anybody can play.”

Since disc golf is a sport that can be played alone courses are still open in the area.

“I’m sure there’s a course in your area. There’s a bunch of courses in Emporia, there’s a bunch of courses in Topeka and as the sport keeps growing more and more courses are getting installed every day,” said Rusco.