WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — For Matthew and Lindsey Fuller, Wednesday was supposed to be one of the happiest days of their lives. The couple and their son moved to their first home as Matthew prepares for his first job out of college.

What should have been a day to move heavy furniture, open boxes and look forward to the future turned into a nightmare the couple says they wouldn’t wish on anyone.

“We had everything written down of what room was going to have what furniture, and where our son Henry was going to sleep, and, and where his crib was going to be, and all his toys, and it’s hard to come here with nothing,” Matthew Fuller said.

Fuller says a 26-foot trailer filled with his family’s belongings and a truck were stolen from a hotel parking lot in Denver. He fears several precious memories are gone forever.

A red Ford F-350 with a red enclosed trailer attached to the rear
A family in the process of moving from Utah to Kansas had their truck and trailer stolen from an Aurora hotel parking lot. (Credit: Matt Fuller)

“Our baby’s first outfits, our baby’s hand and footprint clay molds, those are gone,” Matthew Fuller said.

However, on their first day living in their new neighborhood, the couple says they are in awe of all the support.

“I was thinking about how sad I was for the things that were gone, but I also felt so much love,” Lindsey Fuller said.

A GoFundMe account for the couple has raised more than $18,000 as of Thursday morning.

“They’re raising money already, they’re bringing gift cards by, they’re just lending support, they’re bringing cookies—my heart just swells, to be honest with you that these people pause​ are just so loving,” Mike Huish, Lindsey’s father (who owns the stolen truck and trailer) said.

“It’s hard to believe that there’s good people in the world when something like this happens to you, but the support like this just shows there are more good people than bad,” Matthew Fuller said.