MANHATTAN (KSNT) – After spending all of 2022 in a children’s emergency hospital, Manhattan teenager Jean Carlos is finally back home.

“I’m just grateful I’m here,” Jean Carlos said. “I’m really lucky.”

Carlos was a passenger in the Manhattan highway crash that left two others dead, and himself critically injured.

“So I was in a coma for two months,” Carlos said. “When I woke up, I use to have a track, that would help me breathe and talk. When I woke up, I seen my skin and I freaked out, cause I didn’t know about it.” 

After more than half a year at Children’s Mercy, JC is finally back in his hometown, and he couldn’t be more overjoyed.

“I’m excited cause I get to see my friends and stuff,” Carlos said. “I’m just happy I’m back here. I get to see my mom.” 

Those friends and family equally as excited to have their buddy and family member back in their life. Knowing he’s doing okay in his day to day, instead of having to wait for hospital updates.

“It’s like a relief,” JC’s close friend Aiden De Hart said. “Because he’s home, we know he’s a lot better, and he doesn’t have to have all of these people helping him, he can do a lot of motor stuff on his own. He’s a lot more stable.” 

JC’s journey through recovery wasn’t easy, but through speech and physical therapy, the teen is finally back home in the little apple.

“I got a second chance of living,” Carlos said.

The family is still accepting support through Gofundme to help cover the medical costs and help the teenager adjust back to life after the incident. You can show your support here, or send a message of encouragement to the Manhattan teen via instagram here.