Johnny’s Tavern first business to open in Wheatfield Village

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– Johnny’s Tavern just opened it’s doors Friday. But with some construction in the area, it could cause people to wait a little longer to enjoy it.

Two more constructions projects are still in process near Wheatfield Village, one of them at the intersection of 29th and Fairlawn.

The Southwest Topeka development will have many options for people to enjoy, like a new pizza place, SPIN! Pizza, another P.T.’s Coffee, Johnny’s Tavern and a movie theater.

“We’re here to provide the best service we can,” said Andre Fyler, general manager at Johnny’s Tavern. “Best experience we can. We want you to come in and we want you to come back tomorrow.”

But one thing people may be concerned about is the construction.

“All the lane closures over here,” Fyler said. “In the other direction, there are some closures still that’s kind of put a damper on a few things. But so far I think we’re ok.”

A spokeswoman with the city, Molly Hadfield, said Fairlawn, west to the I-470 bridge is expected to be completed in a month. The 29th/McClure I-470 off-ramp project is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving. Both of those projects are near Wheatfield Village.

“It’s been a little bit of an annoyance,” Austin Wright said, who visited Johnny’s for the third time this week. “But, you know, you got to do what you’ve got to do to open up a new area. It’s such a new development and a large project. That some of those constructions and road constructions issues you can’t get around.”

But if the construction company doing the work doesn’t get it done on time, they could face some fines. Hadfield also said if the final projects exceed their completion date due to the contraction, and not weather, they will face liquidated damages as outlined in the contract.

The city, however, doesn’t think all the construction in the area will have a significant impact on 29th street since Fairlawn is complete. Traffic in the area will be monitored.

But it’s not stopping people from supporting the new location.

“I think as long as you know which ways to come, I think you will be fine,” Megan Green said who ate at Johnny’s for the first time Friday. “Luckily our community is not huge mile wise. So you can always get around the construction.”

There is no official date for when SPIN! Pizza and P.T.’s Coffee will open. But it’s expected to be in the next few weeks.

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