K-State students protest inequalities on campus

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – For students of color at K-State, things have not always felt safe or seemed fair, they say that is a reflection of the country and they took action today to let their voices be heard. It wasn’t a coincidence they did so on the fourth of July.

“Beware k-state, students aren’t safe,” protesters chanted as they walked towards campus.

Students and community members continued protests today, this time in Manhattan, leading from triangle park, through campus, and to the front of K-State President Richard Myers’ house. Hosting the event on Independence Day was meant to be a message as clear as protesting at the university presidents doorstep

“I believe it was important to hold this protest on the fourth of July, one, to make a huge statement that there is nothing to be festive about, if our lives are at risk, if we’re consistently not seen, not heard, not understood, then I really don’t understand what’s the point of having festivities on the fourth of July, independence day, if we’re not all free,” organizer and student Tori Swanson said.

One viral tweet mocking George Floyd’s death sparked the most recent protests in manhattan and a holdout by student-athletes, but this group is focused on the overall experience for any black student at K-State.

“This protest isn’t just about one person, one tweet, one organization, this protest is about all the racism that has an impact on K-State’s campuses,” Swanson continued.

Even if this protest was bigger than student-athletes, they were there and will continue to work for a greater goal

“We’re an extremely diverse group we have a lot of black student-athletes and just student-athletes of color in general and so I think it’s important to be here as a representative of a group on the Kansas State campus that is extremely diverse and show that those of us that are white are going to be allies to the ones we love and care about,” said K-State volleyball’s Brynn Carlson. Carlson also serves as the S.A.A.C (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) rep for K-State and the Big 12 on a national level.

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