TOPEKA (KSNT)– The Kansas Department of Transportation and the City of Topeka hosted a community open house for the Polk-Quincy Viaduct replacement project on Thursday.

The project aims to replace and modernize the aging viaduct, which has been part of Topeka for decades. The new viaduct will flatten the curve and enhance the safety of drivers.

At the meeting, community members got a chance to ask more questions about the project. One of the project managers said he has no concerns about any delays in getting it done.

“Currently we’re still working through the right of way process,” Greg Gonzales said, the KDOT Project Manager. “I’m not quite sure exactly how many that are still having to be acquired for the project. But the eminent becomes kind of the choice of the property owners and whether or not they accept the offer provided to them or whether not they are in disagreement with it.”

Gonzales said the new highway will slightly change, but improve downtown’s landscape.

In addition to the viaduct itself having safer components, there will be some addition of frontage lanes that will kind of change the landscape of downtown and will have some pedestrian and bike facilities added to the project and those types of things will definitely improve.

Gonzales said the demolition of the viaduct is in the process and the plan for the rest of the year is to prepare for the utilities work that will begin in 2024. Construction should start in 2025.