Local high school donating shirts to family displaced by house fire

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A Hoyt family escapes a burning home after a heat lamp sparks a fire. Now, the family is without a place to live.

Just after 3:00 this morning, several fire departments battled the fire for more than two hours. Two adults and four children were able to safely get out of the house when the fire started.

But now, a local high school is giving a Christmas blessing to the family, stepping up to help a family in need.

After hearing about the family losing their house and clothes, they decided to take matters into their own hands with a t-shirt screen printing machine.

“If something like that happens in the community, then we usually give back to the family,” said Silver Lake junior Taylor Burkhardt. “And so we pulled some shirts, and sweatshirts and everything. And we’re going to give the family some things to help them build back up.”

For the past two years, Silver Lake High School has made t-shirts from their own Eagle Pride Printing. The shirts are made for the school, local non-profits and others dealing with loss. But this isn’t the first time Eagle Pride Printing has donated shirts to people in need.

The school’s shirt company donated to a school in Houston after a hurricane. Even donating shirts to someone in their own community. In September, the Silver Lake fire chief’s sister lost her home to a fire. The t-shirt printing class was there to help them.

“There isn’t an occasion where someone has come and asked if we could do something to assist them, that we have said no,” said technology teacher Carolyn Worthington. “We have worked overtime, we have worked very hard. But that’s just who Silver Lake and our students are.”

“It means a lot to them because they lost everything,” said senior Macey Clark. “This is just us giving some extra stuff we don’t really think about and it’s just nice and something you can do. It’s kind of nice.”

The students said the t-shirt donations may be a Christmas miracle to the Hoyt family, but to them, it’s a blessing they want to be able to give everyday.

The school has collected over 20 shirts for the children in the house. They are now waiting to get sizes for the parents.

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