Manhattan man ‘inspiring the possible’ for people with disabilities at new Topeka camp

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A Manhattan father-daughter duo is making dreams come true with horses and camping, inspiring people with disabilities to do more than they think they’re capable of.

“Inspire the possible,” a belief Ken Scroggs lives by every day as he makes dreams come true with horses.

In August, the Scroggs bought what used to be the Daisy Hindman Girl Scout Camp in Topeka, renaming it to Mission Creek Camp. A place for people with disabilities, and those without, to do anything they set their mind to. Providing all campers with activities like archery and camping, and therapeutic horse riding.

“It’s not a situation where they chose to be this way,” Ken Scroggs said. “But they are this way, and we need to accept them for who they are.”

But this isn’t the first time the father and daughter have provided this type of safe space, as they also operate a center in Manhattan, Hope Ranch Inc, their first location.

“I think the dream was really to encourage individuals to shed the dis in disability,” said Kassidy Scroggs, Ken’s daughter and the Director of Therapeutic Riding. “It’s their ability and it’s who they are, what they do.”

While the main goal is for people to have fun, it’s also to remind them they can do anything.

“We try to inspire them to do whatever is possible, or whatever they can do,” Ken said. “Or offer whatever they can offer.”

The Mission Creek Camp opens June 9. Anyone is welcomed to attend. To sign up for the week-long camp, click here.

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