Northeast Kansas Titans fans showing support ahead of Sunday

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– In a sea of red and gold, there’s some Tennessee Titans fan showing their support for Sunday’s big game, and for one family it’s a house divided.

Susan McDaniel has been a long-time Tennessee Titans fan.

“If it means anything when the Titans aren’t playing, then I’m for the Chiefs,” Susan said. “But…Titans first!”

Susan was born in Tennesse but has lived in Kansas for about 40 years. It hasn’t stopped her from being true to the Titans blue when it’s game day.

“It’s got my roots,” Susan said. “It goes back to Tennessee and I have family there. When they root with me, I root with them. Of course, they are the only people that do root with me because I don’t know any more Titans fans.”

Susan actually isn’t the only one in Northeast Kansas who will be cheering on Tennessee on Sunday.

Connie Jordan is in the same boat. She’s a Titans fan and season ticket holder for more than 20 years. But in her house, there’s a Chiefs fan not too far away.

“Always been a Chiefs fan,” Dan Kellerman, Connie’s boyfriend of 10 years said. “Ever since I was able to watch tv and appreciate football.”

Connie and Dan will be a divided house when it comes to the game.

“It will be me and my [Titans] bobbleheads rooting for the Titans,” Connie said.

It’s all a friendly competition for the two, but it can get a little heated between others in their family.

“We’ll kind of play around and trash talk a little bit,” Connie said. “But our kids are a different story. They’re very serious about their teams.”

Dan said if, and only if, the Titans win he will root for the other team. However, he’s still holding strong.

“I’m expecting Chiefs offense to ring up a lot of points just like last weekend,” Dan said. “We’re going to be headed to Miami in two weeks.”

Connie and Susan plan to support either the Chiefs or the Titans, no matter who makes it to the Super Bowl.

Connie said one thing we can all agree on, is being happy the Patriots aren’t making their way to another Super Bowl.

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