TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Dave Jackson bought a North Topeka property in the 900 block of Kansas Ave. in 2016 after it sat empty for years. In October, he received notice from the city that he had 30 days to find someone to demolish the property. Now that those 30 days are almost up, he thinks he found a way to pay to fix the building and buy himself some time.

Jackson said if the NOTO area becomes a historic district, he will get a rebate for the improvements he makes to fix up the building. He said he was surprised to see the notice because of how long the building sat empty before he bought it.

“I’m frustrated because nothing was done for 15 years and the minute I purchase it, here comes the demolition notice,” said Jackson.

Jackson said he plans to appeal the case and only has until Friday to do it, which he hopes could extend the process and buy him some time.

KSNT News did reach out to the city. A spokeswoman for the city says they are unable to comment on the active case.

Jackson said he is in the process of filling out the application to make NOTO a historic district which could take up to 9 months to be approved.