Quincy Elementary para teaches kids life lessons on their way to middle school

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The importance of giving back and thinking about others, that’s one thing Tammie Robinson wants her fifth-grade girls to take with them on their way to middle school. As they take time out of the school day to collect and donate items for people inside of Brighton Place.

Tammie is a para at Quincy Elementary School, assisting teachers like Jennifer Jackson, and her fifth-grade girls, or as they call themselves, the Sister Squad.

“I thought, this is the perfect opportunity for young girls to understand how to support and think of others,” Robinson said.

Just this year, Tammie and Jennifer decided to split their fifth-grade class, Tammie taking the girls. Preparing them for middle school and teaching them, there’s more to life than just yourself. A belief Tammie lives by every day.

“She has been very strong,” Jackson said. “She has a lot of things that she has to take care of at home. But it never impacts her work that she does here.”

In 2013, Tammie’s husband suffered from a stroke, making some days hard for her. Even six years later, as times are still hard, she never gives up for them.

“That’s all it is,” Robinson said. “It’s just to show love and compassion and think about others, other than just yourself. It’s not all about me. It’s not all about you. It’s everybody together.”

No matter how bad the day can get, Tammie uses her strength to get her fifth-grade girls on their way to a new journey.

“This was my calling,” Robinson said. “This is what I need to do.”

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