School officials offer advice on cutting down on back to school spending

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – It’s August, so that means stores will soon be filled with people school shopping for supplies, clothes and even shopping for teachers.

From rulers to pencils and even tissue, it’s time to fill up classrooms and kids supplies.

The National Retail Federation estimates families will spend around $700 on clothes and school supplies this year.

But how can you cut down that cost? Simply, going for the cheaper brand.

“Really making sure that they’re buying the essentials,” said Misty Kruger, Director of Communications for Topeka Public Schools. “So not buying the fancy folders. Just the plan folders. Not buying the really cute pencils. They just need the basic pencils. Just the basics to make sure they’re ready for the classroom.”

The easiest rule parents can follow to keep money in their wallets, is by staying on track with what is needed.

“Stick to the list,” said West Indianola kindergarten teacher Kelsie Nicholson. “The teachers work really hard at what’s really necessary and what’s not. So if parents stick to the list, they will be just fine.”

Something one dad knows best for his two daughters, as they head to kindergarten and high school.

“I try to rely on her teachers to provide all of the information,” said Michael Brwon. “I go through the checklist and start marking things off.”

While some families don’t have the money to spend on school supplies each year, getting them from supply drives like the Seaman School District’s Stuff the Bus, can also help prepare your child to be ready to learn.

“It helps the students show up with exactly what they need on that first day of school,” said Nicholson. “It helps make sure they’re prepared for a successful day of learning.”

There is still time to prepare for school shopping. Another suggestion, compare products by store, to get the best deal.

The Seaman School Districts Stuff the Bus will be every day this week, until Monday, at the North Topeka Walmart. The bus will be there until 2 p.m.

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