Shawnee Heights school district works to come up with plan to combat recent fights

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TECUMSEH, Kan. (KSNT) – School board members met on Wednesday to talk about bullying and their discipline policies. Parents wanted quick action to make sure their kids are safe after a recent increase in fights at the high school. So far this year there have been 18 fights.

Board members suggested enforcing the no phone policy in the classrooms or increased security. They also discussed harsher punishments for fighting like being suspended for the rest of the school year. They are also looking into creating a task force to tackle the problem. This would be a group made up of parents, teachers, and students to help make school policies.

“I thought that the point was well made that we need to have a fair representation from the parents,” said school board president Eric Deitcher. “We have a fantastic parent involvement in our district and just getting a little better picture of our parents that are so involved.”

The school board also wants more communication with the public and to get regular updates from principals about fights. They did not take actions on any of the items and will discuss it more at the next board meeting.

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