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I have purposely not chosen this recipe before because it’s almost too simple.  It only has two ingredients and I really don’t have to put out a lot of effort to get it cooking.  But hey!  Sometimes you can take the simple route if it still gets good results…and I think it will.  So I’m going to take the two minutes needed to get some Shredded Beef cooking. 

I have already been to the store to purchase a roast and a jar of my favorite salsa.  I take out my favorite slow cooker and get it heating.  I unwrap the roast and place it in the slow cooker.   I then slowly open my jar of salsa because I want to stretch this process out just a bit.  I pour the salsa slowly over the roast beef and slowly place the lid on the slow cooker.  I then set my timer for 8 hours.  And…I’m done.  That’s it.  I did not exaggerate when I said it was easy.  Now I just have to wait 8 hours. 

When the timer goes off, I check the roast to see if it is ‘fall apart” tender.  It is done, so I take it out and place it in a large glass dish.  I need to shred the roast but first I must remove the fat that’s on it.  There isn’t too much, but I’m not one of those people who can just shred up the fat with the meat and enjoy it.  I have to remove all the fat before the shredding process begins.  Once that is accomplished, I take two forks and tear into the roast until I have a nice pile of shredded beef.  And since most of the salsa has been left in the slow cooker, I spoon some of that over the meat so I keep the salsa flavor and the meat won’t be dry. 

Throughout this shredding process, I have sampled a small bite or two of roast to see what I have created.  I think it is good, but could use a little more zing, so I add a little more salsa to the meat.  I also have a small can of chopped jalapenos so I throw some of those in too.  Now I just need to get some reviews.

I’m going to start with myself.  I didn’t know exactly how I would use the roast but my first thought was to make tacos.  I heat up a couple shells, add some roast beef filling, and top them with cheese and lettuce.  And…the tacos are quite delicious.  Good choice!  The roast is a nice alternative to the usual ground beef I normally have in tacos.  But, what could be a simple way for others at work to sample the roast without taking a bunch of toppings with me?  I think I will go with sliders. 

Fast forward to the next day.  I have picked up a package of slider buns at the store and I just have to heat up the meat and line up some reviewers.  I already have four guys in my department ready to give me their opinions, so I’ll start with them.  Dustin tells me they are “really juicy with a good after spice.”  Tyler says, “the tender meat combined with the slider bun is a nice chewing experience.”  Dane thinks “it’s a fun little slider with a spicy kick.”  And last, but not least, Greg says they are not bad but “you need more to make a meal.”  I agree.  One slider is not enough.  However, now I’m going to venture outside my department. 

I have given Matt his own small container of shredded beef because he has rarely been able to sample my recipes and he helps review my reviews…just for fun.  He brought with him everything to make nachos, so how did that work out?   To quote him directly, “Very good version of roast beef.  Beef has good flavor on its own.  It is very tender and not dry at all.”   He did add that a little more spice would have been okay. 

And finally, a couple other ladies tried my last two sliders and told me they were “amazing and delicious.”  Thank you, Veshawn and Mary! 

Overall, I would consider this a success and would make it again because it is very versatile.  You can make so much with the shredded beef including sandwiches, tacos & nachos…or just have it on its own with a couple side dishes.  The recipe suggests you store it in meal-sized portions in freezer bags for future use. This recipe gets two thumbs up.

Now what should I make next?


1 (4-5 lb.) beef chuck roast

2 cups prepared salsa

Recipe from the John Wayne Family Cookbook.

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