Someting Extra: Puppy Love – Part II

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Part 2

A one-time hang out became the blossoming of a new friendship.  Zach and Humphrey got along well.  After dinner, Zach welcomed Humphrey to hang out another time.

The next morning, Spencer brushed off some drowsiness as he walked through the apartment to answer the door of a very aggressive knocker.

Spencer thought he was still dreaming when he saw Humphrey standing at the door.  Movement of his tail wagged underneath his pants. 

“Spencer!” Humphrey shouted.  “How’s it going?  Talked to Heather yet?”

“It’s been a day,” said Spencer.  “And it’s 7 am.  What are you doing here?  How?”

“Zach invited me,” said Humphrey.  “Wanted to hang out.”

“At 7?” asked Spencer.  He looked at his wrist as if he had a watch on.  “You can tell time right?”

“Yeah, silly,” said Humphrey.  “I’ve been up for a couple of hours already.  You’re wasting the day.  The sun is out!  We can walk through the city.  Go to Circle Park.  It’s going to be a good day.”

“Hey, Humphrey!” called out Zach from his bedroom.  “I’m almost ready.”

Spencer looked back.  He saw Zach, dressed and ready to go for the day. 

“Where are you going?” asked Spencer.  “I thought we were going to marathon the new season of Blood Wrecked.  It just dropped.  Remember?”

Zach’s face scrunched up.  “I completely forgot.  I am so sorry.  We can watch it later.  Right?  The last season wasn’t that great.”

“Sure,” said Spencer with less enthusiasm.

“I’m sorry, I made plans with Humphrey,” said Zach.  “You can come with us.  We’re going to Circle Park.  Check out some of the stuff they got going on over there.”

“No, that’s okay,” said Spencer.  “I’m going to go back to sleep.  I went to bed pretty late last night.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah,” said Spencer.  “Go.  Have fun.”

“It’d be great if you came,” threw in Humphrey.

Spencer glared at the dog-man.  “I’m tired.  Not today.”

“Alright, we’ll see you later,” said Zach.  Then he walked past Spencer and joined Humphrey in the hallway.

“Hope we don’t run into any baked squirrel,” joked Humphrey.

Zach laughed, and agreed with his new friend.

Spencer closed the door behind them.  He didn’t get the joke.

Sure enough, the next morning, Humphrey happily knocked on the door with the daily paper in his paw.  Zach let his new friend inside so they could hang out for the last day of the weekend.

“He’s here again?” Spencer asked from the couch.  The latest episode of Blood Wrecked was ready to go, but Zach was too distracted to give it a watch.

“Humphrey invited me for a hike,” said Zach.  “He knows a place with a great view of the city.  You in?”

“No, I want to sit on the couch and watch Blood Wrecked,” said Spencer. 

“Go ahead and watch without me,” said Zach.  “I’m only vaguely interested in it.  I’ll catch up eventually.”

“Alright,” said Spencer defeatingly. 

Then Zach was gone for the rest of the day.

Then Monday came, and sure enough, Humphrey was there.  He knocked on the door until Spencer groggily greeted him once again.  Humphrey barged in, knocking Spencer to the side, and found Zach getting ready for work. 

“What’s up, Humphrey?” said Zach, brushing his teeth.

“Wanted to see if you wanted to hang out,” said Humphrey.

“I have to work,” said Zach.  “Sorry.”

“Yeah, I thought I could join you,” suggested Humphrey.

“You want to go to work with me?” Zach asked.

“That’s weird,” said Spencer from the living room. 

“Yeah, I checked, your work allows dogs,” said Humphrey.

“Oh, so you’re a dog now?” Spencer asked, getting more involved in the conversation.

“When the loopholes work,” said Humphrey.

“Sure, if you want to check it out,” said Zach.  “It’ll be fun.”

“What?” said Spencer.  “He’s going to your work with you.”

“Why not?” asked Zach.  “It’s boring.  Humphrey will make it fun.”

“I can make it fun,” said Spencer. 

“I wish you could,” said Zach.  “But you can’t just come hang out.  They don’t allow that.”

“But Humphrey is cool to do that?”

“They do allow dogs,” said Zach.  “He’s not wrong.”

“This is ridiculous,” said Spencer.  “You barely know this guy.”

“He’s cool,” said Zach.   “I know you haven’t warmed up to him, but you will.  Just give him a chance.  Next time we go to the park he’s going to talk to Heather.  He’s trying to help you.”

“I don’t want him talking to Heather for me,” said Spencer.

“I can help you get a date with her,” said Humphrey.  “I’ve got a few ideas.”

“I’m fine,” said Spencer.  “Thanks.”

“Seriously, the ladies can’t resist me,” said Humphrey.

“Can I talk to you privately?” asked Spencer.  Without an answer he grabbed Zach and pulled him away from the doorway deeper into the apartment.

“He’s been here three days straight,” said Spencer.  “This is getting strange.”

“You’re just jealous,” said Zach.  “He’s just a new friend.  That’s all.  It’s not like he’s going to be moving in with us.”

Spencer took a moment.  He glared at Zach for accusing him of being jealous.

“I’m not jealous,” said Spencer.

“I can have other friends,” said Zach.  “You do.”

“I know that,” said Spencer.  “That’s not it.  I’m getting weird vibes from him.  Did you never think it was strange that he never had a dog with him at the dog park?”

Zach reeled back.  No, he hadn’t noticed.

Zach and Spencer both turned and stared down the hallway at Humphrey.  He danced on his paws.  His nails clicked against the tiled floor of the building hallway.  Humphrey looked down at the two residents and waved. 

Zach and Spencer uneasily waved back.

“See, he’s friendly,” said Zach.  “He’s cool.  I’ll talk to you later.  How far are you on Blood Wreck?  I can catch up.”

“Whatever,” said Spencer.  “I’m about half way through it.”

“I’ll binge it tonight,” said Zach.

“Sure,” said Spencer.

Zach rolled his eyes.  Spencer’s attitude was improving.  He shrugged and left his roommate in the living room to head out for work with his new friend, Humphrey. 

“See you later,” Zach called out before he closed the door behind him.  Spencer shook his head.  He had had enough of Humphrey.

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