With K-State continually encouraging vaccinations, the university’s center for student involvement and the Kansas Leadership Center have teamed up for the “Kansas Beats the Virus” campaign. 

The event took place tonight with student organization leaders present both in-person and virtually. This comes as the organization has made a recent push to appeal to college students. 

“With the start of the school year and just a lot of students in one place and things sort of feeling a little normal, we do want to encourage students to still take precautions and encourage their classmates to encourage them to take action on some COVID-related issues as far as the spread and vaccination, testing and things like that,” Alejandro Arias-Esparza, Kansas Leadership Center Civic Engagement manager, said. 

 In addition, student organization leaders can win up to $500 for their organization by completing five steps: 

  • Attending an information session, $50. 
  • Hosting an organization meeting to brainstorm project ideas — a Kansas Leadership Center facilitator will be assigned and able to assist in this process, $100. 
  • Submitting a project action plan outlining three measurable goals, $100. 
  • Completing the project action plan, $100.