TOPEKA (KSNT) – Recently, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment revealed that 210 people from July 1 to July 5 in 2021 were put in the ER due to firework-related incidents.

That number is up 15 percent from 2020 according to the health agency, with children younger than 12 making up 35 percent of recorded injuries.

Alcohol consumption plays a major role in injuries, leading to distracted adults not paying attention when lighting fireworks. Keeping fireworks in your hand for longer than intended, and accidentally leaning firework mortars leading them to fall over and fire toward group members are among the top reasons leading to an ER visit.

27 News met with a local emergency doctor for some advice, to keep you from visiting him this holiday weekend.

“I would advise that you not hold fireworks in your hands, if you could use a barbecue lighter that will create distance, light it on the ground, and don’t stand over it,” MD Emergency Physician Mark Rogers said. “Supervise your children, try not to let them hold fireworks in their hands, that’s a good way to avoid injury.”

According to KDHE, the face and hands were the areas that sustained the highest number of injuries.