Topeka car shop, HVAC specialist offer ways to save money with fluctuating temperatures

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– As the temperatures drop and then go up again, your car, home and wallet will feel the big changes. Without the proper care, you may find yourself spending more money.

It’s that time of year when you have to start thinking of winter tires, and turning up the temperature on the thermostat.

Car damage can be very expensive, especially when it comes to a new battery and tires once the cold temperatures hit. A simple thing you can do to avoid the bills from piling, just take it into a shop for quick check up.

On average, a new battery can cost a couple of hundred dollars. With freezing temperatures coming after warmer days it might not give you much time to prepare.

“The bad thing in Kansas is we don’t really have much fall,” said Justin Glasgow with Performace Tires & Wheel in North Topeka. “We’ll just dip right into winter. So we kind of forget about that battery. It was working fine during the summer. Now we’re going to hit it with the winter cold and that can tax a battery.”

Temperature changes may also break the bank for your home. Turning on the heat, then the AC then back to heat can make the furnace work harder, making electric bills higher.

There are ways you can save money at home and for your car. First, do a simple check of your furnace to see if it’s working.

“If the heat isn’t heating your home really good,” Greg Debacker said, with DeBackers, Inc. “If the air conditioner is not cooling your home very good. If you go over to your vent and you don’t feel air flow coming out.”

If you live in an electric energy home, going online can save you money.

“Some houses don’t have the insulation that others do,” Kylee Slavens said with Evergy. “So finding that right temperature for you and what you’re comfortable with.”

Making sure the windows are closed in the cold weather and using natural sunlight on the warmer days can keep the bill from skyrocketing.

Tires can be one of the first problems in cold weather. So, make sure your air pressure levels are good. Most places offer to fill them up for free, just call your local shop before you go.

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