Topeka man creates Facebook group, podcast to spread positivity in Topeka

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– A Topeka man is making the community a more positive place through social media. Now, he’s taking the positive connections to a podcast.

Taylor Buckley and his wife Stephany Buckley grew up in Topeka. Going to high school in the city, working and raising their family in Topeka.

Taylor would constantly see negative things online about the city. For example, some people have sent tweets and shared posts on Facebook, where the worst cities in each state were ranked. Topeka being picked as the worst. One person replying to the tweet saying, “Confirmed. Topeka is trash.” Others also tweeting about Topeka being “the worst” city in Kansas.

When Taylor saw someone bashing a local business on Facebook, he had enough. So in May, he and a friend took to Facebook to create a page of positivity.

“Didn’t think much about it that night, after we created it,” Taylor said. “Then I think within a week, we were at 2,500 followers and realized we had struck a nerve.”

The Facebook group is called Topeka Positive Experience. It’s a page where people can shout out the good in the city. From good businesses and events, even to people doing great things.

“He’s helped build an even better community than what we had before,” Stephany said. “I’ve seen so many people come together since this.”

Initially, Taylor didn’t think much would come out of the page, and he didn’t think it would become a big part of the community. Now, it has more than 9,000 followers.

“I’m not a congressman,” Taylor said. “I’m not a senator. I’m not really anybody that important. I’m just an average guy. But this community means a lot to me. I wish nothing but success for Topeka, and for the people in Topeka.”

The page will be more than a Facebook group, as Taylor and Stephany get ready to turn it into a podcast next year.

“It changes your perspective on Topeka,” Stephany said. “It really does. It has shown how great of a community Topeka is.”

Taylor always knew, there was more to Topeka than the negativity people expressed. Now, more than 9,000 people get a chance to see the city for all that it is, thanks to this page.

Taylor and Stephany plan to get the podcast running in May 2020.

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