Topeka man going ‘out there’ learning, cooking around the world, sharing his journey in cookbooks

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A Topeka man is traveling around the world to bring the best food to Topeka, and now you can be a part of his experiences.

The owner of Rowhouse, Greg Fox, held a book signing for his new cookbook, Out There.

Just last year, Greg went on a journey to do something he has never done before, going out there to the Hamptons.

“I was sent to cook for a family that I’d never met,” Greg said. “In a place that I didn’t know where I was going. And the story’s what happened while I was there for two weeks.”

Within two weeks, Greg complied a book of recipes sharing his time in the Hamptons with readers, putting his cooking and personal journey into a book to make people more comfortable when it comes to food.

Selling his first Out There book to people around Topeka.

“It’s supporting the Rowhouse “, said Jennifer Goetz, Rowhouse customer. “Which is why we would want to pick up one of Greg’s books. But why not dive in on his evolution, no different than I would hope people dive in on Topeka’s evolution.”

The biggest lesson the chef wants people to know is cooking can bring out the best in people when you just put your mind to it.

“Making food beautiful and good for you doesn’t require a lot of ingredients or techniques,” Greg said. “It requires a little bit of care, a little bit of patience, and just a little bit of willingness to look and learn.”

The next book in Greg’s Out There series will take place in New York, then another one in Spain.

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