Topeka woman brewing beer, law together at local brewery

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– When you hear beer and law in one sentence it usually means trouble. But a Topeka woman is bringing them together for her love of ale and statutes.

She starts her day in the law books as Elizabeth Baker helps her clients with estate and business law, to name a few. But once the clock strikes four Elizabeth Baker turns into Betsy Baker the head brewer.

“I don’t really know a lot of women who brew beer at home,” Betsy said.

Betsy, as she likes to be called when she’s out of the office, has been brewing beer for fun since 2013, starting as just a hobby. Once she joined the Greater Topeka Hall of Foamers group, her pass time became full time.

“I didn’t want to brew beer at that time,” Betsy said. “But shortly there after, when I figured out the people in the home brew club were smarter than me at brewing beer, I decided that I wanted to start brewing so that I could learn what they were talking about.”

Once she studied the art of brewing beer, she started doing it more often. Last year she and four others even started Barrister’s Brewing, becoming the head brewer.

“Don’t wait until you’re ready for something,” Betsy said. “Just go do it.”

Betsy is also one of few female brewers in Topeka.

“She’s definitely setting an example outside of the norm,” Mellanie Roles said who works at Barrister’s Brewing. “Most women don’t really think about brewing beer.”

Barrister’s is different than other breweries in Topeka. It combines Betsy’s passion of the law and beer. From the names of the brews like Brown v. Board, and The Barren Cow.

“Hopefully people see the impact that I’ve had on my community and the way that I’ve helped my clients,” Betsy said. “And the way that I’ve changed their lives in a positive way.”

So while she’s Elizabeth Baker the lawyer by day, and Betsy the brewer at night, it’s all to bring the law and good brew to people in Top City.

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