Topeka’s Qadir Green prepares to take the national bodybuilding stage

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The last time we checked in with Qadir Green, he was fresh off winning a title and beginning preparations for nationals in august. if he wins there, he’ll be considered a professional bodybuilder. His weight has fluctuated from near 240 pounds in his bulking phase back down to 195 as he readies his body for the big show.

“As a bodybuilder and as a competitor, you set yourself to a certain standard, and then you try and get past that standard, so the standards never end. you set a goal and you’re trying to get past that again, so you’re never satisfied, ” Green said.

“I mean it’s awe-inspiring watching his dedication and his commitment to his sports, it’s very motivating, it’s fun to watch him keep growing and not a day goes by that he won’t do it.” Heather Von Behren, Qadir’s girlfriend, said.

Everyone has doubters but Qadir and his family have always felt he was meant to do this.

“His name means powerful, and to see him grow into his name, it’s very exciting to see and you can see how powerful he is, you can see it in his size, you can see it in his actions, you can see it in the way he carries himself,” Qadir’s mother Angelique Lombard said.

“That’s what I truly believe what i was put on this earth for and born for, was to be great. to be able to inspire other people and move forward to a bigger platform, that’s my goal,” Green said.

the Topeka native has many aspirations he not only wants to be great on stage, he wants others to know they can do anything they put their mind to.

“I’m chasing my IFBB pro card right now, and that would just give me a bigger platform to motivate and inspire other people. Bigger platform means I get to reach the heart of many more people, and that’s going to help over time.”

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