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TOPEKA, KS (KSNT) – Transfers are becoming more and more common in college athletics. Back in October, the NCAA made a change so athletes no longer needed permission from their school or coach to transfer.

“The NCAA created that website and the NCAA named it the transfer portal, so that’s now what everybody’s calling it,” Washburn head coach Brett Ballard told KSNT Sports.

“The transfer portal I think is a good thing for the NCAA. I think that it just cleans up the process. Every transfer has a story to them,” added Emporia State head coach Craig Doty.

Athletes contact their NCAA compliance department with a request to transfer and get entered into the portal. Then coaches can access the portal to see who’s available.

“Every day you can get on there and you see who’s on that portal right away,” says Ballard. “Before we kind of had a pretty good feel of who was transferring. There was a couple of different media guys that did a pretty good job of putting transfer lists out there, but now it’s black and white.”

“It is overall a good way to look up a kid and see if he is available and just from a legislative standpoint if it’s legal to talk to him, to pursue him to be a potential student athlete,” says Doty.

The rate at which players continue to transfer is rising.

“Transfers are gonna happen regardless if there is a portal or not,” says Doty.

“Kids are impatient and they want to play right away. A lot of kids have grown up in an AAU culture where they’ve kind of been given a lot of things and haven’t had to earn necessarily a lot of playing time, or shots, and so when they don’t get those right away they don’t know how to react that,” says Ballard.

While building a team with transfers is becoming more popular in college basketball, both Doty and Ballard look for a balance.

“This whole year was a recruiting year for us to bring in a good balanced class of freshman and transfers and you see that as we signed 11 kids and six of them being high school guys and five of them being transfers,” said Doty.

“We’re going to recruit hard the high school players and try to develop them, and that’s our model. Now the good thing for us is when we need a piece here or there or an experienced guy here or there we are going to go and find some good transfers and we’ve had good success with that,” said Ballard.

On Wednesday, the NCAA adopted new guidelines in division 1 to make it more difficult for college basketball and football players to receive a waiver allowing them to be immediately eligible.

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