TOPEKA (KSNT) – Churches are reaching out to the community to offer prayers for those in Ukraine.

With the uncertainty of the developments between Russia and Ukraine, some around Topeka are turning to faith. KSNT sat down with a local pastor, who believes this conflict touches us all.

Over social media, organizations are sending thoughts and prayers to those dealing with the invasion.

The Topeka Bible Church is one such organization. They are asking members to join in prayer for the people of Ukraine, including a Ukrainian pastor and members of the Irpin Bible Church that are staying in Kyiv to offer medicine and support.

“We are connected with them through our faith, Christianity is a global religion and so anytime you see we would say our brothers and sisters in Christ, people who are struggling, people who are in danger and we hear about those things we feel connected to them,” Lead Pastor Connor Kraus said.

It’s not just faith that’s bringing people together.

“This is such a unifying event,” Kraus said. “Everybody can look at what’s going on over there in Eastern Europe and see that people are in trouble. That there are concerns for human rights and refugees and the safety of people. That’s universal, that’s a human concern.”