WRHS’ Hamilton reflects on a stellar career and the impact of coronavirus on the end of it

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Kasey Hamilton was a three-sport athlete here at Washburn Rural, a force on the golf course, smooth on the hardwood, but it’s softball that’s taking her DI next year. She’s headed to KU, but the story isn’t quite as simple. The coronavirus has sent shockwaves across the recruiting world and even the best athletes in our area aren’t exempt from that.

Hamilton has been a force in the circle and in the box for the Lady Blues.

But she didn’t get the chance to finish her career

“I never even got to make it to a practice,” Hamilton said.

Coronavirus robbed her of her final high school softball campaign and left all of the 2020 class nationwide in shock

“Me and my friends, me and my teammates, we’ve talked about it a lot. We’re just like how, how did this happen to use, how did it happen to our class?”

There’s more to come for her the next four years in Lawrence, she’s already pretty comfortable on their home field, but she can’t help but think of what would have been

“Yea, it stings a little in fact the other day I went on the website, coach has all the records for seasons and career, and I saw my name on the season ones and I see my name and I look at the career and I know I could have been up there.”

As upsetting as the sudden ending was, her future also became unclear. Scholarship situations will be complicated come next spring as the NCAA has granted waivers to current college athletes who had their seasons’ taken

“First it was just panic, we were like are our scholarships going to be revoked, are people going to be dropped from our recruiting classes, those kinda things. Our coaches at KU have settled us with that and we know that we’re going to be fine going there. But for kids in the ’21 class or even the 22s it does mess up your recruiting.”

The reassurance is nice for now, but 2020 won’t soon be forgotten

“This is not going to be something I’ll ever forget, I don’t think anyone is ever going to forget this time in our lives but high school’s been awesome and high school sports have truly been a huge blessing. “

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