Topeka Cemetery mixes history and technology to make it easier for you to find a loved one


You’re trying to find a loved ones grave, and you can’t exactly remember what left turn it was.
Or what rose bush was right there next to it.

The Historic Topeka Cemetery has unveiled a new way for you to easily find the exact grave you’re looking for, all with your smart phone.

Some headstones are hard to miss, for example Charles Curtis.

Others can get lost in the shuffle.

“This is really for someone looking for grandma,” Topeka Cemetery superintendent Lisa Sandmeyer said.

But the Historic Topeka Cemetery is making it easier for you to pin point exactly who you’re looking for.

“Walk to site, all you do is put the name in and this website will take you right to them,” Sandmeyer said.

Or with the touch of a button on your smart phone.

And this is no small task for the cemetery, because there’s 35,000 people buried there.

The walk to site program takes all of those names in their data base and matches them on Google Earth.

“And I had to send all the maps, and we have 100 sections, I sent them every map we had,” Sandmeyer. 

So you can now see exactly where you need to go, what left turn, and what trees would be near your love ones grave.

On February 2, the cemetery is celebrating 160 years and using the celebration to officially unveil this tool for you.

You can go and learn more about the feature, walk with some of the employees to find people.

They’ll even have the 35,000 name database available for you.

To try out the walk to site tool for yourself, click here.

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